Factory Default Settings on Avery-Dennison Printers


Sometimes one of the easiest ways to solve a printer problem is to restore the machine to its original factory settings. On the newer Avery-Dennison printers, such as the AP4.4, AP5.4, AP7.t, and 64-xx series, this reset is accomplished by following a few simple steps. The procedure for resetting the printer is provided here, along with some cautions that you should consider before you actually go ahead and do the reset.


  1. With the printer in ONLINE mode, press the ON/OFFLINE key. The LCD display will read ‘OFFLINE’.
  2. Press the ESC key. The printer will now be in System mode, which provides access to all of the printer’s parameter menus. The first menu that you will see reads, ‘PRINT INFO’.
  3. Press the CUT key until you arrive at ‘SPECIAL FUNCTION’.
  4. Press the ONLINE key to enter the submenu.
  5. Press the CUT key until you come to ‘FACTORY SETTINGS’.
  6. Hit the ONLINE key once. The printer will display a prompt indicating whether you want to go ahead with the factory reset. Press the ONLINE key to continue.
  7. The printer will automatically re-initialize and return to ONLINE mode.


After running this procedure, the print head resistance value will need to be reset. The value that you need to use is provided for you on the print head itself. For example, on the underside of the AP5.4 print head, you will see something like the following: ‘R=1204’. This number indicates the print head resistance value in ohms.

In addition, resetting the factory defaults erases any special settings that may be required for particular print applications. Any such special functions will need to be turned back on manually.


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