Paper Errors on Avery-Dennison Printers: Errors 5001 and 5002


One of the most basic elements of printing on labels or tags is making sure that the material is properly loaded in the machine. As a rule, this is a simple matter. However, from time to time problems occur that result in error messages from the printer. On the newer Avery-Dennison printers, such as the 64-xx series, the AP4.4, AP5.4, and AP7.t printers, two different sorts of errors are possible: 1) No Gap Found [5001] or 2) Material End Error [5002]. Fortunately, in most cases, these problems are easy to resolve. Here are some things to look for if these problems occur.


This message simply indicates that the printer has been unable to locate the label gap or notch that separates one label or tag from another. Once the error occurs, it should be acknowledged by pressing the ONLINE key.

Before continuing to print, check for possible problems:

  1. Is the correct type of material loaded in the machine?
  2. Is the correct sensor type selected?

[Driver and software settings should be checked.]

  1. Is the paper sensor situated so that it can detect the gap or notch?
  2. Is the material jammed up at the platen roller?
  3. Is there dirt on the paper sensor?

As a rule it is typically one of these issues or a combination of them that causes the ‘No Gap Found’ error. So usually a careful check of the above issues will resolve the problem.


This error indicates that the printer in unable to detect the presence of any sort of material in the paper sensor.

In general, there are two sorts of things that cause this issue:

  1. Material may have run out. At the end of a roll of labels or tags, the Material End indicator will be displayed.
  2. Improper tracking of the label or tag stock may result in the material moving out of the paper sensor altogether, thus triggering the error message.

Resolving this problem is usually easy. First, acknowledge the error by pressing the ONLINE key on the printer. The LCD display will then read, ‘OFFLINE x JOBS’.

Next, re-insert your media and make sure that it is passing through the paper sensor. Also check the media guides behind the print block to ensure that label tracking is maintained from the media holder forward to the print head. Once everything is properly positioned, press the ONLINE button to resume printing.


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