Head Fault Error on Avery Printers [Error 5006]


Some Avery-Dennison printers have a print head that is automatically raised and lowered for printing by use of a stepper motor and sensor combination.  This type of arrangement can be found on printers such as the 64-xx series and on the AP7.t machine.


Occasionally the raising or lowering of the head may not occur as it is supposed to, resulting in a ‘head fault error’ (error 5006).  Should this error occur, and if it cannot be cleared, it is likely due to one of the following problems.


  1. Print head is not fully secured on the thermal print bar.  Check to make sure that the head assembly is firmly positioned on the print bar.
  2. Problem with connection between peripheral device board and the print head (either a bad or loose cable, or malfunction on the board)
  3. Failure of the head stepper motor
  4. Broken or cracked sensor disk on the head stepper motor (requires replacement of the whole motor)
  5. Faulty head sensor


Persistent 5006 errors should be referred to a qualified service technician.



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