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Threshold calibration on a Toshiba TEC B-472/B-572/SX-4T/SX-5T

April 11, 2008

When the printer is ONLINE, press PAUSE

The printer should display PAUSE

Release the PAUSE button and then press and hold the PAUSE button.

One of two things should happen depending on firmware version.

1. The printer should start issuing labels – you should continue to hold the pause PAUSE key until at least three labels are issues

2. OR the display will show TRANSMISSIVE. Then do as in number one.

When the labels are done, press RESTART to put the printer back ONLINE.


You may put the labels back in the machine if you wish, but it is not necessary.


PAPERJAM on a Toshiba TEC B-472/B-572/SX-4T/SX-5T

April 11, 2008

On a Toshiba TEC thermal printer, PAPERJAM XX simply means that the printer did not see top of form (TOF) where it was expecting to see TOF. The XX portion is how many labels/tags are remaining in the print job.


In most cases, PAPERJAM is caused when the user presses the FEED key without sending a print job to the printer first.


Without sending a print job to the printer, the printer assumes a 4”x3”, die cut, plain white label with ribbon and no options turned on.


If PAPERJAM persists when a print job has been sent, determine the following:

· Are the labels preprinted? (not a plain white label)

o To resolve this problem, use the preprint sensor(set in the software) and do a Threshold Calibration.

· Were the labels measured to make sure that the label size is what is expected.

· Measure the gap to ensure that the expected gap is programmed.

· Is the paper sensor on the label and will it see a gap/notch/TOF?

· Is something stuck in the gap sensor

· Does the ribbon go through the gap sensor? (it should not)